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Maarliefst 20 Nieuwe Racing Games !! Downloaden & Spelen

Speed Demons v.1.01 Size: 1.46 MB Win9x
Race against 8 AI opponents around 14 scrolling tracks. Collect cash, upgrade and maintain your auto.

Mix Racer v.1.0 Size: 2.02 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K
Mix Racer is a simple 3D racing/simulation game. It is a fun addictive game which offers a simple alternative to spending a couple of fun hours in front of your PC. Features include: - 3 super cars, - 5 tracks, - joypad support .
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Deadly Weaponz v.1.0 Size: 16.75 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2k
Deadly Weaponz is a furious racing game. You must beat your opponent to gain points for a superior division. There are 2 game modes for playing: simple race and the championships.
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Trucks v.1.0 Size: 2.35 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K
Trucks racing game for 1 or 2 player .
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Speed Racer v.1.0 Size: 4.69 MB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
Speed Racer is a simple but enjoyable top-down racing game for up to three players. Race against each other or the clock in fourteen different themed locations. Features fuel, pit stops, custom controls, and variable race lengths, plus a full graphical overhaul for 2002.
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Racer v.1.1 Size: 15 MB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
This is great racing game. You can race with real cars (Fiat Brava, Lamborghini, Ferrari etc.) on many tracks and you can earn as much money as is possible. If you have a lot of money, you can buy new car, enter to profi competiotion and be slave racer!
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Skoda Fabia Cup v.1.0 Size: 3.76 MB Win9x
It' s a nice racing simulation for one player from the official home site of Skoda.
Download Link!

Speedway v.1.0 Size: 3.2 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2000
Choose among 3 differnet cars, then burn up the track in time trials or go head to head against a ruthless AI. Features smooth 3D graphics, high quality sound, and heart pumping game play.
Download Link !!!

Billabong Racers v.1.0 Size: 1.5 MB Win9x/ME/XP/2K
Billabong Racers offers 8 3D rendered characters, 4 tracks, Lap times, weapons, 3 speed classes, and a driving school. And its the only game with a snake driving a Go-Kart! You must place in the top 4 and collect 20 shrooms in each race. The 250cc cup is a challenge, but possible.
Download Link !!!

Sensational Automobile Destruction Orgy Deluxe v.EX Size: 7.6 MB Dos,Win9x
This game was originally just a test program. It's here for a good laugh, some boredom gameplay, and not much else. If anything it's worth the download for a picture of Cannibal Ed in women's underwear. Bloodlust's mascots have sold out! It's two classic marketing techniques rolled into one! First off, we've seen the trend...take a bunch of characters from other games and throw them in a cheap racing game and people love it! Secondly, the Japanese have taught us the fine art of adding many many meaningless words to the title of your game to cover up the meaningless gameplay contained within! So what are you waiting for...we know you're brainwashed...aren't you just itching to click the download link below? Features: * 6 unique mascots in 6 unique levels (sort of) * Drool! * A wonderful soundtrack written by...well...whatever cd you have in at the time * Crazy special moves for each character * Drool!
Download Link !!!

DWeebs Racing v.1.0 Size: 7.6 MB Win95,Win98,WinNT
Fuzzy, furry, and ready to race! The Dweebs have come to BieberSoft in a high speed racing adventure game. Choose one of the four Dweebs, and race against the Dorks that threaten your land and friends. (This race game is a must download.)
Download Link !!!

SkyRoads 3D Racing v.1.0 Size: 0.7 MB Win9X/NT/ME/2K
Addictive 3D futuristic racing game with 30 challenging levels. Race your way through 30 levels in this classic 3D arcade game. SkyRoads has over 40 hours of challenging gameplay. Levels in this futuristic space racer include Blue Planet, Satellite, Misty, Crab Nebula, and Earth. This is one of the first anti-gravity racing games that was released, and it's now it's yours to download, for free.
Download Link !!!

BikeFlyter Size: 3.89 MB Win9x/NT/2K
BikeFlyter is a fast action racing game. Your player character is a mixture between a biker and a little fly (well, with some little weight problems). Your task is to get as much points as possible before you lose your eight lives by being hit by a biker.
Download Now !!!

KartingRace v.1.02 Size: 7.4 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K
Race at speeds in the neighbourhood of 50mph, with your body no more than 10 centimeters from the ground, it's something you won't forget. Get seated in your gokart, and race against up to five computer opponents or try to beat the time limits. The game uses OpenGL rendered graphics, featuring detailed textures and models, realtime shadows, lensflares and more. KartingRace, is a game by Stein Nygård.

FuzzBuster Racing v.1.0 Size: 7.5 MB Win9x,NT,ME
Fuzzy, furry, and ready to race! The FuzzBusters have come to BieberSoft in a high speed racing adventure game. Choose one of the four Fuzz Busters, and race against the Dorks that threaten your land and friends. This race game is a must download.
Download Link !!!

Kamikaze Racer v.1.01 Size: 2.4 MB Win9x/ME/XP/2K
"Kamikaze Racer" is perfect racing game for all people who want to drive in a danger place. Various enemies on the road, 18 level to complete, is the perfect pastime for young and old. The distances were arranged fastidiously and extensively and promise each quantity fun and alternation. An inserted on-line Highscore continues to heat up the match of different players.
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Racer v.0.4.9 Size: 6.4 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K/Linux
Free car simulation, with realistic car physics and a decent graphics engine. Very much customizable.
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Download Link - Linux!!!

Mann-Filter Rallye v.1.0 Size: 2.5 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2k
On a dirt road you race against a handful of computer-generated cars. This 3D racing game has not as refined background rendering than for instance "Silent Race" - but much more fun to play because of the competition with the other cars. Stay on the road! This game was created to sponsor a German company (Mann-Filter). Requirements: DirectX7, 350MHz CPU.
Download Link !!!

Napkin Race v.1.0 Size: 10.9 MB Win9x/NT/ME/XP
Get ready for your first race... on a napkin! Race up to three of your friends in splitscreen, challenge a buddy across your network or try against up to four computer opponents. Choose from two gamemodes: checkpoint race [made with needles] and tag race. The game offers OpenGL rendered graphics with a cartoony look, featuring particle effects and realtime shadows. The game runs on Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP, and requires an OpenGL-compatible graphics adaptor.
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Hovercraft Racing Size: 4.24 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K
Hoovercraft 3D racing game.
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